Electronic devices are becoming more and more mobile. An empty battery should not limit the mobility of the user. You will find our powerbanks in our online catalogue on page 18 – 22.


A really special gift is an USB-stick with additional function. We offer many useful pens. Please take a look on page 24 – 41 in our online catalogue.

Smart Phone Accessories

Smart phones are always present nowadays no matter in job or private field. Accessories for smart phones and mobile phones are on page 03 – 17 in our online catalogue.

Audio Products

Music makes live easier! You listen to music always and everywhere! Take your music with you wherever you go! Small sound miracles are on page 23 in our online catalogue.

Online catalogue

Online catalogue


We are manufacturer and importer of give-aways. More than 20 years experience in the production of electronics and more than 10 years experience in the give-away channel makes us to your right partner. We care about newest technology, outstanding design, best quality and reasonable prices. Our main emphasis is USB-sticks and smart phone accessories. We have a purchasing office and production location in Taiwan and China. We also offer the service of product sourcing. We source products for you in Taiwan or China which you cannot find in our standard product line.